Brian Mitchell

The Bend Electric Moped is an electric moped designed in 2010 by Brian Mitchell, Erik Askin, and Eric Peloquin. Although it is technically an electric bicycle (e-bike), and thus requires no license to use, we feel that an electric moped is a more appropriate name.

The Bend is the fulfillment of the desire of the three designers to develop a product that could excel at filling an enormous gap in the transportation market: the space between bicycle and motorcycle. It is meant to capture the excitement and passion that many people attach to cars or motorcycles and apply these emotions to beneficial technologies (electric).

The Bend uses a geared, brushless hub-motor and can attain speeds of up to 20 mph (the legal limit). It has an approximate range of 20 miles. Batteries and the controller for the motor are contained within the downtube

Process for this project is coming soon.